We recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers, and we actively promote partnerships between families, educators and the wider community.

Partnerships allow children to see important people in their lives working well together. When children see positive communication between their parents and educators, they begin to learn it is important to build healthy relationships.

We foster open and honest communication with our families, developing a strong understanding on how to support families and children.

We have various avenues to ensure that the lines of communication are kept open, some of these avenues include:

  • Playground, an extension of the Xplor platform: we share our programs and observations of children with individual families, as well as community announcements for all families to read. This is also a platform where families can share information with us.
  • Xplor: this platform allows for bulk or individual SMS, email and hub posts.
  • Regular newsletters: containing information for families about things that have been happening in the service, policy reviews, updates on staffing, sustainable practices, nutrition and recipe ideas and community services
  • Email: circulating information, newsletters, policies etc. This is also a great platform for families to share information with us, to raise any concerns, provide suggestions for programs, notify any absences and changes in bookings and enrolment information, etc
  • Meetings (informal/formal): these can be in the form of daily “chats” upon delivery and collection of child, or more formal arranged meetings.
  • Social Media: through our Facebook page and instant messaging

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