About Us

Tropics Early Learning is a community-based service, governed by Malak Family Centre Incorporated Management Committee, whose members are elected annually from the families of children using our service. The Committee oversee the operations of the service, ensuring the financial viability, policy development, and smooth running of the service.

The Management Committee employ a suitably qualified and experienced Senior Director to fulfil the role of Nominated Supervisor of the service, overseeing the day to day operations of the service, and implementing the National Quality Standard, and the relevant learning frameworks

Our Vision

Tropics Early Learning is an early learning centre where children are nurtured to learn and thrive through play-based programs that are individualised to the child’s needs. We are a welcoming community where everyone belongs.


We provide quality early childhood education and care for infants through to five-year-olds, within a safe, nurturing, natural environment.


Our 6 core values are the key guiding points that underpin our philosophy. They form the foundation for how we deliver all outcomes of our service:

✓ Quality and Integrity

✓ Child-centred

✓ Inclusive Community

✓ Respect

✓ Sustainability

✓ Professionalism

Meet The Team

We employ a team of highly qualified educators, who are professional, and committed to providing a curriculum that promotes quality outcomes for children. We believe that it is vital for our educators to keep up to date with the latest literature and research in early childhood education, and to ensure that their knowledge of child development, teaching strategies and the curriculum are not only of an excellent standard, but also reflect the best evidence-based practice in the field of early childhood education

We have delegated an appropriately qualified and experienced Educational Leader, to lead the implementation of innovative programs that reflect the National Learning Frameworks of Australia. We also use the National Quality Standard as a guide for continual improved, as we strive to achieve a standard that exceeds that National average.

We have a close partnership with Malak Preschool, supporting those children who are enrolled to attend the preschool, delivering and collecting them each day, making the transition process between our services as smooth as possible.

Julia Deveney

Senior Director

Thushari Lammas

Assistant Director/ Educational Leader

Ana Molina Rodriguez

Senior Lead Educator

Danushi Wijegunarathna

Senior Lead Educator

Lina Lin

Senior Lead Educator

Tshering Peljor

Senior Lead Educator

Khanthamat Khattiya

Ealry Childhood Teacher

Leh Sang Ng

Early Childhood Teacher

Catherine Marasigan

Early Childhood Teacher

Melissa Thompson

Lead Educator

Ngoc Tran

Lead Educator

Panagiota Theodorakopoulos

Lead Educator

Sylvia Goodson


Joanna Post


Iam Mu


Tahlia Colbert


Hong Feng Li


Yupaporn Kamhaengpol


Raja Kani Rajan


Ruvinie Madurawala Gamage


Samantha Moller


Susan Chitrakar-Udas


Marni Campbell